Application of white silky smooth matt coating on vertical facade parameters, by applying flexible waterproofing mortar for crack bridging (liquid membrane for waterproofing) APLICA TEC PUENTE FISURAS PCC and subsequent finishing with plastic paint in water dispersion washable and permeable to vapour (CAPA or JUNO) brand (CAPA or JUNO).


Laying of ceramic and porcelain floor tiles in vertical parameters and floorings on cement mortar screed, received with Aplicacer Supreflex C2TE – S2 glue mortar, laid with levelling system of levelling wedges and received with Aplica joint paste. Kitchen wall tiling GEOTILES white body 90×30 rectified matt white Kitchen wall tiling Relief GEOTILES white body 90×30 gloss rectified ECOCERAMIC 22X22 HIDRA GRIS hydraulic mosaic floor tiling. Wall tiling Main bathroom STN White body 90×30 NARBONA OS COULD 33×90 Matt rectified. Flooring Main bathroom STN Porcelain tile 60×60 NARBONA GREY Matt Rectified. Tiling Secondary bathroom STN Paste white 90×33,5 rectified ARAL WHITE Matt. Tiling Secondary bathroom STN Paste white 90×33,5 Rectified JAPON ROBLE. Secondary bathroom porcelain tiling 23×120 Rectified VOLTE ROBLE Matt. Exterior porcelain tiling STN URBAN GRIS 45X45. Skirting board 15cms high STN URBAN GRIS 45X45. Exterior porcelain STN URBAN GREY exterior step. SCHLUTER KERDI exterior waterproofing sheet. Interior flooring in natural Macael marble stone 60x30x2,5 white veined grey polished and polished. Interior skirting board 7cms high Natural Macael marble stone 60×302,5 white with grey veining. Insulation of terraces and solarium with Schluter – Kerdi, the best of German manufacture.


Entrance door:

Armoured door DIERRE SPARTA-5 203×82,5×6 EXTERIOR SMOOTH ALUMINIUM PANEL ( anti humidity and saltpetre ) AND WHITE LACQUERED, Metallic counter frame, section 63x30mm – White coloured metallic frame section 63x30mm, without interior or exterior flashing. Special armoured door hardware, 3-point lock, handle, peephole and half handle inside.

Interior doors:

Solid Interior door Plain door leaf TAMARSA LL Lacquered in White with drawing of unequal interlacing on both sides of measures ( 203×72,5×3,5 – 203×62,5×3,5 ), with Frame system Sitec DM water-repellent white lacquered paper, section 120x30mm, flashing system Sitec DM water-repellent white lacquered paper, section 70x12mm. Edged with 2 edges in white lacquered PVC, 3 chrome-plated hinges of 10cms, stainless steel slider and handle of Mod TAMARSA rosette. Including TAMARSA foam rubber aerator. ACUSTEL certified with acoustics of 36,63 DB, allowing ventilation inside the house. Placed in the upper part of the door, being hidden by the flashing.



  • Complete white teak inca floor-standing toilet.
  • White enamelled teak veneer 160×70 bathtub.
  • Secondary bathroom with white inca ceramic washbasin and white inca semi-pedestal washbasin.
  • Single lever basin mixer teka model mt plus.
  • Single lever shower mixer teka model mt plus.
  • Teak sliding shower rail model baltic.
  • Teak white combo unit inca 80cm – 2 drawers – ceramic washbasin – mirror and wall light.
  • Shower system teka model dual control soller
  • Shower tray 160×70 white mineral charge with sliding rail and drain valve.


Complete electrical installation of basic electrification including electrical panel, NIESSEN ZENIT model drive mechanisms and interior wiring. Installation of telecommunications, data and blind cover in living room, bedrooms and wiring and equipment in user access box (distributed TV and data).


Installation of copper plumbing and PVC dra

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